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Everyday Absurdity

Instrumentation: 5.1 Channel Fixed Media

Duration: 8'

Program Notes: 

    During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed at times like the entire world was plunging into absolute chaos. Any sense of normalcy or orderly life was replaced by disorder, division, and fear of the unknown. Yet amongst this craziness, when I reflect on living through the pandemic, I find that much of life was routine and largely unremarkable. I found myself in my own little world, staying at home every day and looking at the same computer screen hour after hour. 

   Everyday Absurdity is an attempt to explore the simultaneity of these ideas despite their seeming contradiction. All of the sounds in the piece come from samples of everyday sounds, like writing with a pen or shutting a door. Nevertheless, I found the busyness and chaos present in these ordinary events to create exciting sound worlds, which were only furthered by extreme audio manipulation and movement of the sounds in space. 

Completed: April 2021

Performance History: 

August 28, 2021

SCI National Virtual Student Conference

May 27, 2021

University of Louisville Computer Music Concert

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