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Passing Emotions: A Study in Mindfulness

Instrumentation: Flute/Alto Flute

Duration: 14'


I. Anger, Anxiety

II. Sorrow

III. Perspective

Program Notes: 

     I recently picked up the habit of meditation.  One of the large points of meditation is not to change or get rid of the negative thoughts or emotions we might experience, but simply to let them pass by and acknowledge them, and then return to a more peaceful state.  The metaphor used is that of the sky.  No matter what storm clouds might come, underneath all the clouds lies the same peaceful, blue sky that exists on the nicest summer day.  In reflection of my striving to be more mindful and aware of the “blue skies” in everyday life, I decided to write this piece using different emotions that I experience as inspiration. 

Completed: October 2018

Performance History: 

November 15, 2018

Shiqun Ou, flute/alto flute

Student Composers' Concert

Davis Recital Hall, University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls, Iowa)

Recording History:

December 1, 2018

Shiqun Ou, flute/alto flute

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