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Fall Mid-term Check-in

It doesn't seem possible that it is already October, but this semester has flown by. Despite the strangeness of going to school while often not leaving my apartment, school has gone extremely quickly thus far. My lessons with Dr. Rouse have been awesome, and I have completed one piece already, for tenor and percussion. The piece experiments with a lot of extended techniques for the voice, something I have been especially interested in since I arrived in Louisville. I have arranged for a couple of performers to perform the piece and record it next semester, so I am looking forward to that! I am just getting started on a guitar duet for a couple of guitarists I met in my research methods class this semester. This, too, will look into a lot of extended techniques (I hope) and will force me out of my comfort zone a little bit.

The picture here is the setup we had for an outdoor electronic music concert last night. The acoustics were obviously not the best, given that we were outside and UPS planes were flying over us every 10 minutes, but it was so nice just to be sitting and hearing a live concert once again. I look forward to the days when we can do live concerts indoors once again!

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