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Recording, Tour, and More

It has been a busy summer thus far! After school got out, The UNI Wind Ensemble had a mini tour through the state of Minnesota, finishing with a performance at the Iowa Bandmaster's Association Conference in Des Moines on May 11.

Night Mayor also had a busy May. We had a recording session May 9th and 10th, to put together a short album of 5 original tunes. Then mixing, mastering, and finding artwork for the cover. Needless to say it has been a lot, but we are looking to have it done by this coming Fall semester... stay tuned for updates!

I boarded a bus on May 12 to head to Chicago with the Men's Glee Club on our international tour to Ireland and Wales from May 13th-22nd. It was an incredible experience of music making and camaraderie, one that I will not soon forget. I could go on for a while, but I will refrain so as to keep this post short.

My family went on vacation to South Dakota June 3-9th. It was slightly less grand than Ireland... I think we found one of the few states more boring to drive through than Iowa. Keep an eye out for a tune based on my frustration at the sculptors of Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Talk about unfinished projects!

Finally, after getting back from South Dakota I have had some time to get into some kind of routine. Though I don't have a regular job, I'll be gigging a good amount whether at churches or otherwise. I plan to write a few different jazz tunes as well as working on a Bach-like fugue and a solo flute piece. My other big project is putting together a jazz trio with Michael Gedden and Isaac Schwartz. We had our first rehearsal last week and have high hopes for the group.

Anyway, that about does it for this post, thanks for reading!

The pictures below show Night Mayor after our recording session in May, a few of us on top of Mount Snowden, the tallest point in Wales, and the rather... anticlimactic Mount Rushmore.

Night Mayor right after our May recording session

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