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SCI Region VI Conference

Early this semester, I received the news that my piece, "Sonata for Tuba and Piano," had been accepted to be performed at the SCI Region VI Conference. I was thrilled to receive the news, and after my experience as a spectator at the national conference at Indiana, I was excited to get to participate in another composers conference. Region VI serves the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas. Despite the fact that I am not from their region, I found everyone at the conference to be most welcoming, and the facilities at the host school, Texas A&M-Commerce, were gorgeous. It was amazing how many familiar faces I saw at this conference from the one at IU. It's fascinating how small the composition world is, and meeting so many people who think like I do is an experience I hope to repeat. I would like to say a special thanks to Jeff Baker and Libby Vanatta, who performed my piece (among many other new pieces). A composer is nothing without somebody to play his compositions!

Dr. Jeff Baker, the professor of tuba and euphonium at Texas A&M-Commerce, who performed my piece at the conference.

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