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Tuba Recording and Armistice Day

During a busy semester, there are a couple of things already that I know I will cherish looking back on. The first is the SCI conference that I mentioned in my last post. Second, I had a recording session with my good friend Adam Denner on October 28, and we recorded all three movements of my piece: Sonata for Tuba and Piano. While it took us most of an afternoon, we ended up with a nice product. I did some editing with our sound engineer, and now I have a piece that I feel strongly about and have already submitted to different festivals and contests. You can hear the recording on my "Recordings" page.

Another great experience that I will remember for a long time was the Armistice Day concert on November 11. Various groups performed in honor of the men who fought in World War I, on the centennial celebration of the end of the war. I had the honor of being a part of the chamber ensemble that accompanied the UNI Varsity Men's Glee Club for the world premiere of the piece Dulce et Decorum est, by Anthony Maglione. It was a haunting depiction of the famous poem by Wilfred Owen that describes the gruesome scenery and death of WWI. It was the first time that I have gotten chills during my own performance in quite some time, and I know everyone involved felt the same way.

Finally, I have cherished being a part of the jazz groups that I'm playing with on campus. Night Mayor continues to play together, I'm a member of the UNI's Jazz Two, and my trio that I first mentioned this summer is starting to develop some chemistry and get some rep underneath our belts. It's been a fun and creative environment to be a part of.

The UNI Jazz Two Rhythm Section: Myself, Isaac Schwartz, Nick Haats, and Michael Gedden. Isaac and Michael are also part of my trio.

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